My name is Geoffrey Goodman and I’m my own CEO. I’ve made a living in the telecommunications industry over the last 10yrs, but I’m also a network marketing professional. I’m the chief executive officer of my time and my money in life. This simply means that I no longer rely on just traditional methods of earning income from a j-o-b in order to sustain income. I decided to change my way of living. When you think of CEO, you should be thinking of the BOSS status. There’s no other definition. If you want to be the CEO of your life, it’s quite easy to do. You just have to make the decision, within yourself, that you are the ultimate answer to achieving all that you are destined to be in life. Claiming this status in life was the easiest part of my journey as an entrepreneur, but sustaining this status has been far from easy. That’s right, It takes consistent hard work and dedication to claim the status of CEO. I welcome you to join me in my ongoing journey to achieve everything I’ve ever dreamed of in my life. Through my shared experiences, my goal is to provide value to those who have like-minded interests and wish to achieve the most out of their lives as well.

I’ve learned a great deal from online experts that have introduced me to plenty of ways to make great income right from the privacy of my own home. I feel obligated to share what I’ve learned with those willing to learn something new. If you’re already aware of the many ways in which you are now able to produce life-changing income from home, then you can relate to why I’m so passionate about exposing what I’ve learned to others. If you’re not aware of these same possibilities, then I encourage you to stay tuned in and open-minded to more posts from my blog. I’m confident that you will walk away with value each time.

I was introduced to producing passive income from home a few years ago when I was laid off from a very lucrative full-time job. I had know idea of how to handle my newfound unemployment status. I just knew that I needed to find another way to make money. I also knew that I would, never again, allow myself to be as vulnerable to the lack of control of my time and my money in the future. You see, prior to being laid off, I had no PLAN B. I lived a paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle. I relied completely on a traditional 9 to 5 employment status for my financial stability. In this economy, that way of thinking often leads to a dead end for personal dream fulfillment. What do you want most in your life and how do you plan to achieve it?

I’m glad I asked myself that question after my layoff experience. My own answer to that question motivated me to do research introduced me to the industry of network marketing . Network marketing, if you don’t already know, is a multi-billion dollar industry and has been in existence for over 100yrs. It produces more six figure income earners than any other industry, including the constantly viewed sports and music industries. Knowing that fact alone, was all the added motivation I needed to participate in this ever-growing industry. I now own and operate an online business that has been able to produce a minimum of $400-$800 weekly income (FREE VIDEO REVEALS). What would this type of income, hitting your bank account weekly mean for you and your family? What would you do differently? Would you take care of bills that you’ve put off due to lack of income? Would you travel to dream destinations more often? Who would you help out, financially (friends/family/charity)? These questions are easier for me to answer now that I’m producing additional, passive income from home. You can do the same thing! I’m here to help you, if you are willing to learn something new and have an open-mind about business. Add in a great work ethic and that’s all you need to truly benefit from the information that I will be sharing with you via my blogs.

So again, I welcome you to join me in becoming a CEO to your time, money, and most importantly your LIFE. Dare to be different and become the change that you want to see in the world. You’ll be surprised at how much you can truly accomplish, once you start focusing on what you truly want out of life. May my blog be a place where you can learn from and contribute too. Until the next time…go make some money and BOSS UP!